1800 Hundred Alarms Unacknowledged – How would you respond if you found out your staff failed to acknowledge over 1800 alarms? What if the alarm issue went unaddressed for years?

It may be hard to believe, but during a recent conversation with a security consulting firm, they told us that a client recently discovered that alarms have gone unacknowledged for years. The number held at 1800 because that’s all the system could display before recycling. The sad part is that this didn’t have to happen. The problem is that some companies may not have the resources to manage their security systems daily, or someone failed to do their job.

There may be a lot of finger-pointing to go around, but finger-pointing alone won’t solve the problem. SVPRO powered by SecureVizual takes the guesswork out of managing the data produced by your security systems. Our easy-to-use data mining solution pulls information from your security systems based on a predefined set of parameters.

The mined security system data is then displayed in a customizable dashboard or report. The dashboard provides a visual representation of the most critical information to the end-user, such as door alarms, system status, and occupancy numbers. Customizable reports are sent to the end-user, keeping them up to date on all critical activity based on predefined thresholds.

1800 Hundred Alarms Unacknowledged – The SVPRO team is here to help!

The SVPRO team dedicates itself to helping clients eliminate the pain points of managing the data your security system produces, allowing end-users to optimize their security resources. As an end-user, you no longer have to rely on human interaction to manage and track the most critical data required to protect your most valued assets. Instead, with a few simple clicks, you can build a dashboard, reports, and notifications that provide you with the information you need when you need it most.

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