Here at SecureVizual, we’re all about actionable data and making the massive amounts of data that your access control systems, video surveillance systems, and alarm systems pump out work for you. Real-time dashboards and big data are working together better than ever before to improve your physical security, streamline operations, and offer KPIs that ensure that the information you collect leads to insight.

Big Data Means Actionable Intelligence

As most security and operations specialists know, big data is a term that’s used to describe, well, extremely large data sets. Not only are these data sets too large for traditional data processing methods to discern meaningful patterns, trends, and connections from them, but until very recently, it was extraordinarily challenging for companies to capture, store, and analyze such massive amounts of information.

The times, they have a-changed.

Now, pretty much all data is big. And good, big data is actionable. But only recently have advancements in technology, software, and security dashboards made big data comprehensible. Now that it’s easier and easier for companies to identify meaningful KPIs, you can finally translate big data into a concrete return on investment.

#1: Connections and Interoperability – Actionable Data

Tools and software solutions (such as SecureVizual’s security resource optimization dashboard) can gather data from any SQL database, analyze it, blend it, and create connections between systems. These actionable connections are placed into a real-time dashboard which can then be used to provide business intelligence, devise new policies, develop new procedures, manage staff, and optimize resources.

When harnessed correctly, big data has the power to break down operational silos and unify operations. SecureVizual’s interactive dashboard can analyze data from security cameras, license plate reader (LPR) software, facial recognition systems, POS systems, workstations, alarms, access control systems, CCTV, and so much more to give you the insights you need to affect change.

#2: Analytics – Actionable Data

When big data teams up with an interactive and visual dashboard, it’s an analytics superspeedway. And you’re in the driver’s seat. Change parameters, experiment with different metrics, filter information, and run custom reports with ease.

Big data platforms enable companies to collect, store, and manage more data than ever before. When you use the right tools to examine large and varied data sets, you’re able to uncover hidden patterns and surprising correlations. With data visualization, these previously unseen patterns emerge, fostering insight and innovation.

#3: Data Visualization – Actionable Data

Sophisticated access control systems provide a lot of data. Much of it in real-time. Simply put, data-based security systems segment big chunks of relational data from multiple sources and slice it, dice it, shape it, mold it, and reconfigure it into digestible bits of actionable information. Dashboards then create a user-friendly visualization that demonstrates the efficiencies and inefficiency of your systems and your security protocols.

While data scientists and statisticians may be quick to discern patterns, trends, and relationships in data, even the experts can miss hidden connections. Non-technical users, naturally, benefit tremendously from data visualization technologies. Interactive visual analytics software makes it easier for the most tech-savvy user and everyday users to absorb information and modify analytical parameters.

#4: Reporting and Communication – Actionable Data

Security dashboards and surveillance solutions that process massive amounts of data into comprehensible nuggets make it easy to communicate complex (and relevant) information to end users, executives, and other key stakeholders.

These systems also make it easier to demonstrate ROI and to assess KPIs.

#5: Smart Decision-Making – Actionable Data

Analytics are only as good as the decisions they enable. With massive amounts of real-time data under your control, you’re empowered to make better and faster decisions based on actual KPIs and real-time data.

#6: Operational Efficiency – Actionable Data

Effective data-wrangling can also help you manage your security resources and personnel wisely.

For example, by identifying peak use times and vulnerable entrances you’re better able to staff and train your team effectively. Dashboards allow you to immediately improve security by monitoring, in real time, unauthorized access attempts, propped doors, and improper card use. Furthermore, you’ll be able to monitor staff efficiency, locate blind spots, identify faulty equipment, and pinpoint other weaknesses in your company’s physical security with ease.

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