Most Interesting Analytical Data Shares Since November 2018

Most Interesting Analytical Data Shares Since November 2018

Most Interesting Analytical Data Shares Since November 2018

What have been the Most Interesting Analytical Data Shares Since November 2018? At SecureVizual our team is always looking for interesting articles on how businesses are using analytical data. The information we share across our social networks provides insight into how data is used to drive business decisions.

Most Interesting Analytical Data Shares Since November 2018

Harvard Business Review Article

How to Make Sure You’re Not Using Data Just to Justify Decisions You’ve Already Made

By: Kevin Troyanos SVP of Analytics at Saatchi + Saatchi Wellness

October 25, 2018
Harvard Business Review


Kevin Troyanos discuss how organizations use data analytics to answer questions after the fact, rather than using the data to gain a competitive advantage by using data to help drive desired results. Read more


Top 10 best practices for successful multi-cloud management

How the multi-cloud world is changing the face of IT

IBM Copyright 2018


IBM provides, an overview of their Top 10 Key Pain Points and best practices related to navigating cloud environments and management. Download the PDF at

Sports Illustrated Article

Analytics and the NFL: Finding Strength in Numbers

By Albert Breer
July 27, 2017


In July 2017, Albert Breer wrote about “how far you can take numbers, and how far numbers can take you” in the NFL. Read more at

You can read more by Albert Breer at

Forbes Article

Business Insights Are A Many-Splendored Thing — Data Is Meant For More

By: Mike Gualtieri, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester

November 28, 2018


How “Forrester sees the mindset changing from data and analytics untethered to outcomes to become action-oriented analytics that helps enterprises win.”

You can download Forrester’s predictions 2019 complimentary guide to understanding the 14 major dynamics that will impact firms next year at

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