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Have you ever wondered how analytics drive security optimization? When it comes to physical security, data analytics — the process of examining certain data sets to draw useful conclusions — can change how your security team functions and how your organization operates.

By using analytics to unlock the value in the datasets your technology collects, security professionals are better able to make smart predictions and improve security operations. Analytics further drive security optimization by enabling security teams to respond more quickly to threats.

Data analytics, and the predictive analysis that analytics enable, can facilitate security optimization by:

  • Minimizing costs
  • Increasing revenues
  • Optimizing customer experience
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Informing hiring and training practices
  • Boosting communication and reporting

Trim Costs and Increase Revenue with Security Analytics

Visual dashboards such as SecureVizual aggregate and extract value from all of the data that your company’s security systems are collecting. SecureVizual’s automated dashboards log activity, sort information, analyze statistics, denote trends, and identify meaningful patterns visually in intuitive dashboards.

The resulting key performance indicators (KPIs) simplify overwhelming amounts of data into manageable, bite-sized pieces of information. For a deep dive on KPIs, read our article, How Important are Key Performance Indicators to the Security Pro?

By establishing benchmarks and strategic KPIs, you’ll be able to process of seemingly unrelated and overwhelming amounts of data. SecureVizual allows decision-makers to assess what’s working well and where there’s room to implement cost-effective efficiencies. By using SecureVizual to analyzes past data to predict future customer behavior — security professionals can tailor their operations to their customers’ behavior and increase their satisfaction.

Transform Customer Service

Here’s a great example of how predictive analytics can turn physical security into customer service:

“Another key element of predictive analysis is to analyze behavior, a function that has proven to be highly effective for providing security and risk mitigation, but it can also play a significant role in customer-centric security as well. For security and risk management, this process involves analyzing an individual’s behavior in conjunction with other related data and events to uncover predictive indicators… For example, a frequent guest at a hotel chain may customarily leave his room at dawn and return before noon. Using predictive analysis, the hotel can take measures to make sure his room is serviced early in the day. Another example might be an employee who routinely parks in a location that requires her to walk around the building exterior at night, which might pose a safety risk to that individual. Using the information uncovered by predictive analysis, her employer can provide her with access rights to exit through a closer door to reduce the potential risk to her safety” (Security Today).

Improve Security Operations

SecureVizual eliminates the guesswork from your physical security operations with analytics. Our dashboards track and impart useful information in real time, making it easy for your security team to react immediately or to respond proactively to future threats.

Accurate data analytics can also help you manage your security resources and improve your security force management by staffing peak use time appropriately, promptly deploying security officers to vulnerable entrances, and identifying faulty equipment before it goes offline.

Inform Employee Training and Best Practices

SecureVizual can also drive employee training and best practices. Organizations that use our data analytics can refine their hiring practices, automate tasks, refine internal processes, enhance employee experiences, improve employee retention rates, and create a more productive workforce through informed training.

Boost Communication and Reporting

Security analytics, coupled with flexible reporting functions, enable customized reporting so that corporate stakeholders have the information they need at their fingertips. Using SecureVizual makes communication easier, more transparent, and more reliable.

SecureVizual draws data from a range of sources and records, to enable security professionals to make data-driven, efficient, and cost-effective decisions. For more on predictive analytics and actionable data, check out our article, 6 Smart Ways Security Dashboards Harness the Power of Actionable Data.

SecureVizual offers security resource optimization tools that are visual, streamlined, simple-to-use and actionable. Created by professional physical security integrators – with IT skills – our dashboards will take you from speculation to verification. For the latest news and information about SecureVizual, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.