A SecureVizual Approach to Campus Security

A SecureVizual Approach to Campus Security

A SecureVizual approach to campus security takes the guesswork out of Security Resource Optimization. As the head of security for your college or university, wouldn’t it be nice to maximize your security resources?

How many times have you been called into a meeting and are asked to justify security expenses? Have you had a budget request declined? How would like to mitigate possible budget reductions?

A SecureVizual Approach to Campus Security

Imagine being able to justify your security expenses, support budget requests, or provide data supporting your existing budget. SecureVizual provides metrics based on key performance indicators that are readable and actionable. Not only can the metrics support your security and safety initiatives, but they can even show a return on your investment.

For instance, you can monitor building access in real-time and adjust staffing accordingly. Thus, maximizing guard force management based on need rather than old scheduling assumptions.

Are you a Software House CCure 9000 user? If so, TYCO Visual Intelligence powered by SecureVizual integrates seamlessly to provide real-time data. In other words, you now have access to data based on how your students, faculty, and staff are using campus resources.

For example, CCure 9000 can help better manage transportation services by providing usable data so you can maximize resources based on ridership. Know who is using the services, when they are using the services, and where they are going. So, you can adjust accordingly to save on staffing, maintenance, and fuel.

Want to learn more about how SecureVizual or TYCO Visual Intelligence can maximize resources and reduce your security costs? Contact us today; our team of higher education security experts is available to help.

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