Getting Back To Business – As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, federal, state, and local officials lift Covid-19 restrictions, businesses, schools, and organizations are planning for the return of workers, students, and the public. Some are in the process of opening, others are planning, and some are even in a wait-and-see state of mind. But they all have one thing in common, getting back to some form of normalcy. 

SVPRO powered by SecureVizual can help your business, school, and organization manage the return by supercharging the reporting capabilities of your access control system. By taking the data embedded in your access control database, SVPRO provides actionable dashboards and reports to optimize available security resources while monitoring site security and occupancy activity. Best of all, there is no need to purchase additional equipment or infrastructure. 

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Here at SVPRO powered by SecureVizual, we spend a lot of time thinking about Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and how to use them to improve our products and services. But did you know they can improve your job performance and your standing with your boss, too?

Using the data from your existing access control system, SVPRO can provide real-time information regarding the status of alarms, cameras, parking lot usage, and occupancy. With SVPRO’s robust reporting, you receive critical notifications 24/7 365, delivered to any device based on your preset parameters. 

Using the SVPRO customizable dashboard or reports, you can make informed decisions on managing your security resources to meet your security needs in real-time while you get back to business. The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult on everyone, and getting back to business may not be an easy task, but SVPRO can help remove the guesswork and optimize your resources.

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