SVPRO powered by SecureVizual is taking security force management to the next level so you can maximize your security officer resources. Running an efficient and effective security force is critical to the safety of your team and to the individuals you serve.

Managing your security force can be challenging so you’ll need to find the right individuals for your security team, ensure that they’re properly trained, and make sure that each security officer is performing optimally. Not only that, but you’ll need to make sure that your security force is deployed in the right places at the right times. All this is time-consuming, and without the right tools, can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, SVPRO can help ease the pressures of security force management so you can focus on growing your business. Effective security force management is within your grasp and is easier to achieve than you may think!

Take the guesswork out of security force management and keep costs in check with SVPRO’s easy-to-use visual dashboards, customized reports, and cutting-edge analytics. From real-time officer monitoring to resource allocation and training, SVPRO’s KPI-driven dashboards can make your security officers more productive and accountable.

Security Force Training and Compliance

SVPRO dashboards and customized reporting not only help ensure the safety of your security team and optimize incident response times, but they can also identify weaknesses in your training protocols.

KPIs tracked by visual dashboards help leaders establish goals and benchmarks for their employees. This allows for real-time monitoring to ensure that your security team is operating at peak efficiency. Identifying team-wide weaknesses or flaws is crucial so you can make strategic changes to your security protocols and standard operating procedures (SOP) proactively.

After you address any procedural shortcomings by updating your security strategies and SOPs, you can then implement data-backed mentoring and training programs to improve overall security officer performance.

Objectively Measure Security Force Management Key Performance Indicators

When a company has solid key performance indicators (KPIs) in place, accountability — and therefore, professionalism — improves. Objective measurements of performance are incredibly crucial to security force management. Eliminate conversations with your security force that begin with “We feel,” and instead start conversations with, “We’ve observed, recorded, tracked, and analyzed the following…”

Performance-based KPIs help ensure that your security force is operating in good faith and is embodying your expectations for them.

When your employees know that you have clear-cut goals in mind, it’s much easier for them to meet and exceed your expectations. KPIs replace emotional security force management tactics with concrete strategies.

Use Data to Allocate Security Resources

Using organizational data can help you manage your security resources and improve your security force management.

Some of the essential ways in which visual dashboards facilitate improvements in physical security and resource allocation include real-time monitoring of unauthorized access attempts, propped doors, piggy-backed visitors, equipment failures, and improper card use. Knowledge is power, and in this case, knowledge is security.

SVPRO’s dashboards and customized reports help supervisors to note peak use times, locate vulnerable entrances, identify faulty equipment, calculate building occupancy, record parking capacities, and more. Armed with this detailed and data-driven information, you’re able to staff shifts more efficiently and train team members effectively.

Dispatch Management and Reporting

SVPRO’s security resource optimization dashboards and customized reports gather data in real-time from your security systems SQL database which means that it’s continually working on analyzing data, blending it, and creating actionable data. So, you can better manage and optimize your security force resources.

SVPRO offers security resource optimization tools that are visual, simple-to-use, and actionable. Created by professional physical security integrators — with IT skills — our dashboards will take you from speculation to verification.

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