7 Security Industry KPIs To Impress Your Boss

What are the 7 security industry KPIs that will impress your boss? Here at SVPRO powered by SecureVizual, we spend a lot of time thinking about Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and how to use them to improve our products and services. But did you know they can improve your job performance and your standing with your boss, too?

Our 7 security industry KPIs will impress your boss and transform your security operations, putting you on the fast track!

7 Security Industry KPIs To Impress Your Boss

Response Time

Measuring response time is the ultimate efficiency measure. Fast response times mean better security (and happier, safer clients).

Time to Detection

Improve your response time by analyzing your time to detection rates. How long does it take to detect a security event? Does this rate vary by shift or employee?

Total Number of Security Events

How many security events are you handling? Is this number going up or down? Do you have the resources you need to respond to these events? Can you use data to predict when events are most likely to occur?

Number of Security Events at a Specific Location

Are security events localized? Can you assign more guards based on need? Can you use data to predict where security events are most likely to occur?

Number of False Alarms or False Positive Alerts

How many false alarms is your guard force responding to? Is it an acceptable number? Has it been going up or down? How can you minimize false positive events?

Access and Egress Activity

Analyze traffic at the key entrances, exits, and access points. Has traffic changed over time? Can you respond to changes by allocating resources more effectively?

Security Device Status

How many devices are online? Are all devices operational?

Looking for more information on the importance of KPI’s check out our article on “How Important are Key Performance Indicators to the Security Pro?” Contact SecureVizual and start using our 7 Security Industry KPIs That Will Impress Your Boss.

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