Why do you need SVPRO Security Reporting Dashboards powered by SecureVizual? At the risk of stating the obvious, data is a big deal these days. The bigger the data, however, the harder it can be to put all the pieces together and make sense of the broader picture. From optimizing security to allocating resources to improving communication, visual security reporting dashboards combined with our automated reporting helps companies understand the vast amount of information that their security systems capture better.

A visual dashboard aggregates and extracts value from all of the data that your company’s security systems are collecting. These benchmarks, which are often great key performance indicators, simplify overwhelming amounts of data into manageable snippets of information so you can see what you’re doing right and where there’s room for improvement.

As security information and monitoring tools improve, user-friendly technology that’s centralized and automated is increasingly important. SecureVizual’s automated dashboards can log activity, sort information, analyze statistics, denote trends, and identify meaningful patterns visually in intuitive dashboards.

SVPRO makes it easier for security teams and company executives to put data to work in meaningful and actionable ways.

In this post, we’ll discuss a few reasons why visual dashboards — like SecureVizual’s — are changing the way companies think about security.

 #1 — SVPRO Security Reporting Dashboards Optimize and Improve Security

Take a moment to think about the dashboard in your vehicle. At a quick glance, you’re able to check your speed (and, perhaps, step off the accelerator), confirm fuel levels (and stop by a gas station before you run out), ensure that your car’s mechanical systems are humming happily (or make a preventative maintenance appointment), and make sure that your last passenger hasn’t hijacked your tunes. A dashboard imparts a lot of useful information quickly, clearly, and concisely.

A good security reporting dashboard does the exact same thing, more or less. It summarizes all the moving parts of your physical security system in easy-to-understand, real-time data and it aggregates this information into intuitive, easy-to-comprehend visual representations. This allows users to respond proactively to security incidents or crises.

A clearly designed and well-appointed security dashboard helps track and map security devices. Not only can our dashboards identify equipment failure, but they can help avoid the problem altogether. Sophisticated dashboards can identify potential security hotspots and indicate what will need to be repaired immediately.

#2 — Dashboards Help Allocate Security Resources and Guard Force Management

Smart data interpretation can also help you manage your security resources and improve your guard force management.

When it comes to managing your resources, visual dashboards help security teams to identify peak use times, vulnerable entrances, faulty equipment, building occupancy, parking capacities, and more.

Armed with this information, supervisors are able to staff shifts more efficiently and train team members effectively. Visual dashboards enable improvements in security by monitoring, in real-time, unauthorized access attempts, propped doors, equipment failure, and improper card use, for example.

Visual dashboards can also help leaders establish goals and benchmarks for their employees. They allow real-time monitoring to ensure that teams are operating at peak efficiency. Should flaws or weaknesses be identified, mentoring and training programs can be easily implemented to improve performance.

#3 — SVPRO Security Reporting Dashboards Improve Communication and Reporting

Security dashboards and surveillance solutions that process massive amounts of data into digestible nuggets make it easy to communicate complex and highly relevant information to end-users, executives, and other key stakeholders.

Flexible reporting functions facilitate customized reporting that pulls from multiple sources. Decision-makers can make smarter, data-driven, and cost-effective decisions more quickly than ever before.

SVPRO dashboards and automated reporting enable companies to more accurately plan, prioritize, and budget.

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