Are you using your security system actionable data to improve your Security Resource Optimization processes? If not, why not? Today’s security systems produce a lot of data. The problem is there has never been an easy way to mine the data until now.

SVPRO Powered by SecureVizual provides security professionals with an easy-to-read dashboard. SVPRO mines security system actionable data buried within your access control system and other disparate security systems to provide real-time security metrics on a customizable dashboard. Set SVPRO’s dashboard widgets to display access activity, parking lot usage, alarm status, and much more.

Need to know how many individuals enter the building through your west lobby turnstiles or how many denied access alarms are received at any door? No problem, SVPRO can mine the data to support Security Resource Optimization.

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Have a meeting with your boss to discuss KPI’s? Tired of everyone else in department meetings presenting data to support their ROI? Not only can SVPRO provide security data, now you have access to data to share with other business units. Security system actionable data can help enhance facility services, dining services, and cleaning services.

Security System Actionable Data Improves Security Resource Optimization™

Are you deploying your security officers efficiently? Without data to support your decision, deployment is merely a guess, an educated guess but still a guess. Now you can use the data generated by your disparate security systems to make informed decisions.

To learn how SVPRO can help align KPIs and provide actionable data to other business units, or assist in effectively deploying your security resources click CONTACT US.

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