CGL Tech Expo 2018 Software House Roadmap

Software House Roadmap

CGL Tech Expo 2018 Software House Roadmap

If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend the 2018 CGL Electronic Security Tech Expo, you missed the Software House Roadmap Presentation. The presentation highlighted several products including the release of Tyco Visual Intelligence Powered by SecureVizual.

The below video from the Software House Roadmap Presentation features Rick Focke, Senior Product Manager, Tyco/Software House providing an overview of Tyco Visual Intelligence to a group of C•CURE 9000 power users.

Software House Roadmap Presentation – Tyco Visual Intelligence

The Software House website describes Tyco Visual Intelligence as “a robust web-based graphical application and reporting solution powered by SecureVizual, designed for end users with any size security system, who are looking for ROI metrics and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measurements for their security infrastructure. Tyco Visual Intelligence offers an extensive report dashboard that allows one to manage visitors on site, secure entrances, and report metrics up to senior level management. This streamlined, on site, reporting solution suite provides a detailed dashboard for monitoring areas such as compliance, risk reduction, and efficiency.

Being built into the C•CURE 9000 SQL database provides a deep level integration that can be utilized along with the systems current Business Intelligence Reporting Suite (BIRS) or as a standalone reporting solution.”

Key Features

• Graphical user interface and web-based reporting for C-CURE customers
• Use in combination with C•CURE 9000’s Business Intelligence Reporting Suite (BIRS) or as a standalone report solution
• Easy on-site installation
• Use reports to communicate data around essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
• Demonstrate how tracking metrics impact ROI and results
• Exporting of reports allowing for easy presentation to security site management

For more information about Tyco Visual Intelligence, powered by SecureVizual DOWNLOAD your free datasheet.

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Special thanks to CGL Electronic Security for the use of the video. To learn more about Tyco Visual Intelligence or to arrange for installation contact CGL Electronic Security at 781.769.8600.

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