SVPRO Security Reporting Solutions – SVPRO powered by SecureVizual extracts data from your disparate security systems to provide real-time actionable data. That actionable data provides Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help you find ways to monitor, manage, and optimize your security resources. 

With SVPRO Security Reporting Solutions, security professionals now have access to an easy-to-read dashboard and auto-generate reports to provide the most critical data based on your predefined parameters to you and your security team.

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SVPRO Security Reporting Solutions powered by SecureVizual Optimizes Security Resources

Robust Reporting Solution

SVPRO Security Reporting Solutions alert end-users to critical alarms, alerts, metrics, and KPI measurements to effectively manage their security infrastructure. The streamlined security reporting solutions provide a detailed visual dashboard for monitoring security activity to improve overall site security efficiency.

Web-Based Graphical Interface

There is no need to hire a dedicated report administrator since our security reporting solutions are intuitive, making setting up your personalized dashboard or automated reports easy. Our widgets allow for easy-to-build dashboards providing detailed information on system health, alarms, alerts, and facility occupancy levels.

Automated Security Reporting Solutions

SVPRO’s customizable security reporting solutions will take you from speculation to verification, even on a legacy access control system. The reporting solutions provide you and your team with a clear picture of what’s happening so you can take action, mitigate risk, reassign security resources, and provide actionable reports to senior management.

With advanced report parameters and calendar filtering, it’s easy to set facility/security thresholds to measure daily site activity against user-defined standards. SVPRO provides you and your team with actionable information to make informed management decisions in real-time when it matters most.

Real-time Security Activity Reporting Delivery

SVPRO security reporting provides customized reports to any device providing critical notifications 24/7, 365 Day A Year. Need an Occupancy Report to meet COVID19 protocols, a personnel activity report, system health report, how about a parking lot usage report. No problem, if the data is available in the system, we can create a report. 

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